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Cheryl & Garry : 


We first met in 1996, were engaged in 1997, were married two years later at the beautiful St Anne's Church in Singleton and now live in Carleton, Poulton-le-Fylde.

Cheryl is a Business Manager for a wonderful local primary school, she's the Finance Director of Garry's company and a full time mum. When she's not working, she loves gardening, swimming, walking and baking.

Garry runs his own IT Professional Services company, holds a variety of British and American pilots licences, plays golf, enjoys cycling, photography and going to the gym & pool.

In the last few years, we've travelled the world, visiting the USA, the Bahamas, Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Amsterdam and Paris, plus we have many destinations still in the planning stage. You can see the pictures on this site.

Our pride and joy, James was born on Sunday 2nd November 2003 at 13.47. He's great fun, and we are enjoying (almost) every moment.

And to 'balance the books', our daughter Megan was born on Sunday 22nd October 2006 at 9.44. Our family is now complete. You can keep track of their progress by clicking here.

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