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James & Megan : 

James Andrew Rayner & Megan Elise Rayner

James is enjoying every single minute of school. He's regarded as being "Able, gifted and talented" in both Literacy and Numeracy - obviously a chip off the old block.

Megan is growing up fast and at times she can be a propper little madam, but she loves 'Big School' and she's doing really, really well.

Excellent end of year reports from both of them.

October to December 2013.
This gallery includes James' trip to 'AutoStadt', the Volkswagon Visitors Centre, in Wolfsburg, Germany, Halloween plus much, much more.


July to September 2013.
This gallery includes our family holiday to Portugal. Lowther Coutry Show, Blue Planet Aquarium. Lloyd BMW Open Day, Nana & Grandad's Golden Wedding plus much, much more.


April to June 2013.
This gallery includes Elaine's vintage car "Clive", a visit to Heathcotes, Singleton Gala, a boys only trip to The Gadget Show Live, LegoLand Manchester, The Great Manchester Cycle, China Town, MOSI, the Cleveleys Car Show and various Footy pictures.


January to March 2013.
This gallery includes James and Megan's trip to Brockholes Nature Reserve, a family day out at Guys Thatched Hamlet, Sparklers in the back garden, light trail night time photography and receiving the Child Friendly Church Award.


October to December 2012.
This gallery includes Henry & Eve's Christening, Megans and James' birthday parties, Marie and Marks' Wedding, an open top bus ride through the Blackpool Illuminations, Halloween and our Pre-Christmas trip to CentreParcs.


July to September 2012.
This gallery includes our Steve Cushing's BBQ, a ride on the Liverpool Eye big wheel, Tram Sunday in Fleetwood, Ride the Lights, the Poulton Town Football Club Awards Ceremony, James' school pantomime, Megan's Chocolate pizza at Pulci and swimming in Uncle Mike's pool.


April to June 2012.
This gallery includes our wonderful holiday in Portugal, The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations and The Olympic Torch.


January to March 2012.
This gallery includes Lytham Hall's Snow Drop Walk with David, Sara, William and Keano the dog, inside the bell tower of Singleton Church, Matthews birthday party and Poulton Town FC.


October to December 2011.
This gallery includes Megan & James' birthday parties, a visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Bonfire Night and Halloween.

July to September 2011.
This gallery includes Megan riding her bike without stabilisers, the Blackpool SkyRide, Ride the Lights, another trip to the Lake District to visit Farmer Fred, Megan's first day at school, Cheryl's Graduation and Aunty Gwen & Uncle Ted.

April to June 2011.
This gallery includes our trip to Disneyland Paris, the Royal Wedding (Not that the Rayner's were invited!) and our holiday in the Lake District.

January to March 2011.
This gallery includes lots of snow, snow & more snow, followed by a school trip to Legoland.

October to December 2010.
This gallery includes Halloween, James and Megan's birthday parties, Bonfire Night and lots & lots of snow...

July to September 2010.
This gallery includes the School Disco, Great Eccleston Country Show, riding Joey Puddin', watching the Nocture Series Bike Races, visiting Eden Ostritch World, Blackpool Tower, The Lakes Zoo and much more...

April to June 2010.
This gallery includes Stanley Park Boats, the Climbing Frame, the Lake District, The Rheged Discovery Centre, Myerscough College Open Day, the Village Fayre, Schools Sports Day and much more...

January to March 2010.
This gallery includes James' big teeth, ice skating, baby Eli's birthday, William's birthday, meeting baby Erin Leah Whitworth, visiting baby Eve in Cambridgeshire, Squirrel Lodge and The Rheged Discovery Centre, bath and shower time, with and without snorkels and much more...

October to December 2009.
This gallery includes balloon racing, Megan and James' birthdays, Halloween, a trip to Camelot, Michael's 40th birthday party, Christmas, playing in the snow, James' first tooth to fall out and much more...

July to September 2009.
This gallery includes The Dragon Boat Race, heavy rain, exploring the Lake District, Rheged, South Lakes Zoo, face painting, Ellie's Christening, Lauren's wedding, James' first modelling assignment and much more...

April to June 2009.
This gallery includes a school trip to Blackpool Zoo, exploring the cow's field, walking in the Lakes, bike riding without stabilisers, baby Ellie, baby Eve, Sam, a visit to Eureka!, meeting Woman of the Year Sue Hayward, the Village Gala, swimming in Uncle Mike's pool, School Sports Day and much more...

January to March 2009.
This gallery includes driving a train, the fire at Yates', flying a remote control plane, pizza making, Manchester Airport, Ellie's first visit to Poulton, School Space Day, RND09, Max & James' Day Out, Blackpool Zoo and much more...

October to December 2008.
This gallery includes Halloween, meeting Father Christmas, trumpet practice, a visit to Blackpool Airport, building a model dinosaur, advent calendars, Christmas Day and much, much more...

July to September 2008.
This gallery includes Tram Sunday, The Sea Life Centre, building the new play area, Stanley Park Clock Tower, Marton Windmill, Scout Moor Wind Farm, Baby Eve Mainds first visit to Carleton, Megan's pony, James' graduation party, James' first day at school and much, much more...

April to June 2008.
This gallery includes visits to various parks, the Duchess of Sutherland stream locomotive, an open top bus ride, bike rides, Fire Engines, Eden Ostrich World, Gulliver's World, Chester Zoo, motor boat driving, the Fleetwood to Knott End Ferry and much, much more.


January to March 2008.
This gallery includes visits to Uncle Brian and Aunty Mary's Horticultural Nursery in the Cotswolds, the Trough of Bowland Wild Boar Park, the MV Riverdance grounding, James driving a Virgin Pendolino train, visits to the park and much, much more.

To see the month-by-month picture archive, click here for James and click here for Megan.

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